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pricol...Your TS-Certified Source for Instrument Clusters, Climate Controls, Sensors, Fuel & Oil Pumps, Disc Brakes and More.Instrument Gages for Recreational Vehicles and Motorcycles

With over 40 years of innovation we are your full-service manufacturer offering complete turn-key operations including engineering, design, PCB design/manufacture, plastic tooling/molding, machining, plastic tooling/molding for the automotive, truck, tractor, motorcycle and recreational vehicle industries.  We review every detail and eliminate potential problems with our in-house climate and vibration testing. 


Engineering and R&D:In-House Product Vibration Testing and Validation.

Pricols broad based and rich technical expertise not only aims to achieve international standards, but also provides engineering solutions to suit customized requirements.  The R&D Center provides a strong support base towards new product development and implementation, improving existing products and overall quality resulting in technological advancements.  The R&D Center continues to be strengthened through collaborative efforts with our Japanese, European and American customers.

Pricol Offers 40 Plus Years of Engineering Expertise.


Our State of the Art Supplier Provides:

  • World class quality assurance with IS0/TS Certification.
  • In-house validation processes ensure tools and part meet or exceed your quality standards and expectations.
  • Molding presses and Machining Centers with "closed loop" control offering optimum process capability.
  • Robotic part  assembly which improves efficiencies and cycle consistency, while providing part and tooling protection.
  • Computerized network allows the shop floor to access engineering data where the machining and assembly  operations take place.

TS Certifed with the Highest Quality Standards!Dedicated Work Centers.


When we design and engineer tools we maximize performance for part accuracy, cycle times and tool life often exceeding customer expectations.   Using computerized simulation software, we can anticipate and determine potential problems before the mold or die is designed.  This technology enables us to shorten  the debugging phase of mold/die validation which translates into a "fast to market" production approach.  

Automotive and Truck Instrument Clusters.

We are your one stop source for:

  • Part Design
  • Tool Design
  • Prototype Tooling
  • Production Tooling
  • Part Production

Our Customer Base Includes:

  • Suzuki-             India & JapanWe Design Climate Controls, Blower Motor Switches and Instrument Clusters!
  • Yamaha-           India & Japan
  • Honda-             India & Japan
  • John Deere-    India & US
  • Tata-                   India
  • Toyota-             India & Japan
  • Bombardier-   Canada
  • Arctic Cat-        US

    We Make Motorcycle Gages!   We Make Instrument Clusters to Withstand Water!   We Make Gages for Harsh Climates!   We Make Truck Gages and Monitoring Systems!

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                    Pricol and D. Moore & Associates...One Driving Force!


                                   PRICOL...5 Plants....65 Product Lines...4,400 Employees.

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